Michael Lloyd

Michael is an Agile Coach, Trainer and Scrum Master From New Zealand. Currently working for AND digital in the UK, he’s helped hundreds of people to get their Scrum and Scaled Agile certifications, and worked with dozens of teams to improve their ability to deliver value. Michael believes strongly in the power of motivated individuals, and works to help break down hierarchies and build trust so that management can be turned into leadership. Michael is PSM-III and SPC certified, but is framework agnostic, believing the best processes come from empowered teams.

A Tale of two teams: How team culture can make or break Scrum

Based on a true story of the lessons learned coaching two teams on one product. Why is it that the same coaching techniques, in the same environment, can lead to drastically different outcomes? Learn how to identify the culture cycle and break bad habits to unlock the power of team self-management.