Michael Liehmann

Michaels passion are groups. To trigger the creative potential of a group of people and to accompany them on a journey to see what strength and joy lies in doing something together is one of his goals.

He has a wide range of experience in supporting difficult organisational transformations and in designing and facilitating challenging leadership development journeys.  His international management experience, combined with numerous training courses in the areas of systemic consulting, coaching enable him to work in a diverse, focused and high-quality manner. Furthermore, he is a Kaospilot Experience Designer and connects complex change with experiences that let people and organisations grow.

Michael grew up in Austria, has worked all over the globe and has lived for more than 3 years in his most favorite city, London.  Currently, he and his family live next to Vienna where they enjoy life and occasionally the mountainside of Austria.

Customers appreciate his sense of humor, his lightness and positive side of being and his constant strive for more value.

Change—How to start a movement.

Change is here to stay. Especially in these troubling times. Change in an organisational focus is much often approached by standardized and proven methods that revolve around workshops and communication and meetings and other workshops and .... you get the meaning. Same old routine, and it works in a way.

What if we could change the way we often approach change? What if we start a tribe, a movement instead? What would happen to the organisation if employees want to be part of a movement to change the organisation?

I will share how to establish movements and show a few examples on building movements with vision to change an organisation