Michael Kacprzak

Tech product expert and entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience developing products and technologies to make people’s life easier. Before founding Booste, Michael has worked as an agile delivery and product management consultant for several global top tech companies. In the startup industry, he has worked with Berlin’s Babbel and Tidio from Poland. He has also co-founded TiqDiet, a leading SaaS solution for dietitians.

The art of launching successful products based on case study—12 months from launch and €12 M funding raised

The talk will cover the steps to master the successful launch of a team and new products in a fully remote team. Booste is a FinTech platform, started in June 2020. The company was started as a Venture Building project at the peak of Covid-19, founders did not know each other before starting the company and lived 14000 km apart. During the 12 months, we built the team, launched MVP in the local market and expanded our services to other markets, raising €12 M. The aim of the talk is to share takeaways, key learnings of the process both success and failures on the way.