AgileByExample 2018

Melissa Lang

In the varied jobs (ethnomusicologist, cook, IT project manager, agile coach) that i have worked at over the past 20+ years the main focus has been on strengthening team work and facilitating communication. Along the way i’ve filled my agile toolbox with a range of tools and experiences that i can tap into wherever i go. Currently i am an Agile Coach at Alpha in Barcelona.

The mechanics of team building—no cooking or paintball or escape rooms involved

At some point in our work as coaches we are called upon to organize some kind of team building event. The brief we get is usually a combination of “fun” stuff with some “work” stuff mixed in. In this talk I share some alternative ideas for kicking things off with a team and creating a psychologically safe environment essential for collaboration.

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Creating rapport with Empathic Listening

Tribal Toolkit: Understanding within Teams

Tribal Toolkit: No-one left behind—Decision-Making in Teams