Marta Grzesiczek

ING Hubs Poland

I’m agility enthusiast and mom. I have been associated with IT since birth, and professionally for almost 19 years. I work at ING Hubs Poland on a daily basis, and in addition, I also run coaching and mentoring processes. I get satisfaction both from observing teams that become independent and clients going through the process of change. In my free time, I take care of three kids and play board games… a lot.

Workshop—Agile Adventures: Discover the Power of Scrum Values

Welcome to a parallel world, where we will embark on an Agile Adventure together, encountering exciting characters and exploring how Scrum values impact our daily lives.

"Agile Adventures" is a dynamic and interactive workshop that leverages the atmosphere of RPG games, elements from board games, and a healthy dose of humor to gain a deeper understanding of the power of Scrum values in teamwork.

Through carefully crafted tasks and created scenarios, participants will not only have a great time but also reflect on soft skills such as communication and conflict resolution. They will have the opportunity to experience the consequences of lacking Scrum values and recognize the benefits that come from their effective implementation.