AgileByExample 2018

Marcin Ziółek

Marcin Ziółek is a licensed Management 3.0 trainer, Agile Coach and Scrum Master. Co-creator of meetup group Management 3.0 in Warsaw, co-organizer of Agile Coach Camp PL, speaker. On daily basis working with organisations and teams to bring out their true potential.

Marcin will lead his dojo with Magdalena Walczak.

Workshop— The Cynefin framework: putting complexity into perspective

The framework “Cynefin” sorts the issues into five contexts defined the relationship between cause and effect.
States of these require to diagnose situations before the decision is going to be made. During the workshop you will experience the method that allows you to easily classify the problem you are dealing with. Thanks to this, your team will learn to apply appropriate action strategies tailored to the class of problem you are facing.
Goal of the workshop
Practical familiarization with the Cynefin model - problem classification and application to the appropriate category of solutions.
Cynefin model, best practices in each area, possible applications.
Participants will be able to classify the problem to the relevant area with the use of appropriate patterns of the cynefin model.