Marcin Ziółek

Marcin Ziółek for over 14 years has been associated with the IT industry and software development, connected with Agile and Scrum for more than eight years. Accredited Agile trainer by ICAgile, Management 3.0 Trainer, Agile Coach, Professional Scrum Master and Product Owner. Co-founder of the Management 3.0 Meetup group in Warsaw, co-organizer of Agile Coach Camp Polska. He gained his experience working with Discovery (Sweden), Ergo Digital IT (Germany), Tandem Bank (London), KMD Logic (Warsaw / India / Australia). Currently, he is acting as an independent consultant.

Marcin will lead his dojo with Adam Michalczyk.

Workshop—When was the last time you stole something? Is it possible to shave without looking in the mirror? Agile Coach Ethics.

Have you thought about the question: Why not work on two jobs at the same time in remote times?

Is telling the team manager everything is absolutely necessary—what are the boundaries of transparency? Or have you used information obtained confidentially from a team member for your own purposes? And are you maybe spreading little rumours, you know—of that kind of "only in good faith" to help the team or release some pressure?

Scrum Master/Agile Coach ethics. On yours and ours "by examples". We will consider these and other problems together. Where are the Scrum Master's limits? Where to draw a line, what to do, what not to do? We do not have ready answers; we want to look for them with you!

During the workshop:
— we will examine various aspects of Scrum Master's ethics
— we will talk about how to deal with ethical dilemmas
— we will define what ethics is in the work of a Scrum Master and a Scrum team.


Workshop—FAIL—first attempt in learning


Workshop—The Cynefin framework: putting complexity into perspective