AgileByExample 2019

Malcolm Campbell

Canon Medical

I’ve spent most of my career in software development: from academic, to embedded software, to online services, and finally medical devices. I love bringing people together to solve difficult problems, and delivering technology that makes a difference to people’s lives. I love the challenge and experience of working across cultures, with many different people. Where product management and engineering meet, to build the right things, and build them well – is a place I love to work.

Transforming an Organisational Culture

Between 2015 and 2018, Canon Medical’s R&D group in Edinburgh made a deliberate attempt to change the organisational culture. How did they do that, how well did it work, and what impact did it have on the performance of their agile teams?

About Canon Medical
Canon Medical, formerly Toshiba Medical, is a medical equipment company manufacturing diagnostic imaging equipment and other medical devices, along with supporting software. Our Edinburgh R&D group builds software that's integrated into the whole range of products: CT, MRI, X-ray and ultrasound scanners; as well as software products delivered anywhere from a single-user PC to an enterprise level hospital system. Edinburgh specialises in AI, Data Science, Image Analysis, rendering medical images, platforms and frameworks for medical devices, and clinical applications.