Magdalena Firlit

Magdalena Firlit is a Professional Scrum Trainer and an experienced mentor, Agile coach, graduated trainer, and consultant. She is the founder and CEO of the company Agile in the Spotlight. Magdalena cooperates with the whole organization, from decision-makers to Scrum Teams, to better understand their needs and be more effective in terms of consulting and training.

In particular, Magdalena is interested in outcomes from Agile Transformation in companies and running experiments, especially with UX involvement. Also, she is happy when observing how empiricism beautifully works for complex domains and finally increases the products’ value.

She is also passionate about the Evidence-Based Management framework and has been introducing the concept to organizations since 2015.

Magdalena shares her experience widely as an international speaker at conferences and business events. As a creator of the Agile Series at Women in Technology, she provides workshops and teaches everyone interested in Scrum and Agility. Magdalena is frequently invited as a guest lecturer at several universities (subject: Agile Leadership, Evidence-Based Management, Product Organizations, etc.).

Dragging out and failing Agile Transformations

Regardless of the business domains or product area, there are some common rules that might devastate your efforts toward Agility.

First of all, we need to underline that the Agile Transformation never ends. This is an ongoing process of continuous improvements, running inspections and adaptation. However, the outcomes might be insufficient in some cases. Secondly, in some organizations, the process of Agile Transformation takes many years, yet still, the results are unsatisfactory.

There are several reasons I observed why Agile Transformation might fail or just creep. Interestingly, all these situations have a common denominator. The list I have created undoubtedly only covers some cases. This talk shows the most common reasons that might impede Agility in organizations. Also, what would be a remedy for each of these factors?

Workshop—Dragging out and failing Agile Transformations

Based on my experience cooperating with ca. 50 organizations taking their efforts toward Agility, I have observed the same patterns that impede transformations.

During the workshop, we will discover potential reasons for failing or dragging out Agile Transformations and explore possible remedies for each factor.