Łukasz Szóstek

Workshop—VBD Primer in practice

During the workshop we will teach you the Value Based Decision method and we will use it in practice to work out the answer to the question: how to measure Scrum Master's professionalism? The main goal of the workshop is to present the VBD method in practice. The secondary goal is to work out common measures of Scrum Master's professionalism that can be used in participants' organizations.

What is the VBD (Value Based Decisions) method?
The VDB method is complementary to Scrum. VBD increases the transparency of the choices made by showing the reason and consequences for each decision transparently. During the workshop we will learn the mechanism of four simple steps of VBD.

We will use the VBD method to look at the professionalism of Scrum Master in a measurable way. We will learn what, when and how Scrum Master should do to satisfy the needs of its stakeholders and become a true Master of Scrum. Quite often Scrum Master chooses the tasks he performs in his daily work chaotically and with low transparency. It happens that Scrum Master and organization lose creativity, innovation and community of knowledge and experience of the scrum team in this process

And what would happen if the set of items in Scrum Master's personal backlog was approached differently? First, identify the Scrum Master's stakeholders and their needs in the organization and then define measurable indicators for each activity? This is what we want to propose to you.


Talk—Rebooting Agility