AgileByExample 2020

Łukasz Szóstek

I’m a consultant working on the border between business and technology.
Over ten years of experience in industrial research at Philips, NXP and Orange have left me with an appreciation of working on projects with high uncertainty but, at the same time, with an observation that the most difficult obstacles to a commercial success are often not technical but business related. It seems that to succeed under uncertain and changing conditions we need both the clarity of our goals as well as operational excellence. In other words, our organization must be an efficient agile machine heading in the correct direction.
It does sound obvious and we have spent decades perfecting both aspects… or did we? The longer I work in our field and the more I study it the more I’m convinced that too often we are forgetting our own history and guiding principles. I like bringing them back to light — it often makes our daily challenges simpler.

Łukasz will give his talk with Ewa Koprowska.

Talks to be announced.


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