AgileByExample 2019

Luiza Lipień

Grand Parade part of William Hill

With over 13 years of experience in IT, Luiza held a variety of roles from Project and Portfolio Manager, through to Scrum Master, Head of Scrum and IT People Manager, gaining knowledge both in the traditional and Agile approaches. Through the years she gained first-hand experience in setting up environment for individuals and teams’ successes and also in leading Agile transformations (in Allegro and PayU). In June 2018 Luiza joined William Hill for supporting Agile transformation for more than 40 teams across locations in Kraków, Gibraltar and Leeds.

Luiza will lead her workshop with Tomasz Manugiewicz.

Workshop— Scaled Agile Simulation Game

By Attending our workshop, you will have a chance to experience the mechanisms under Agile scaling methods. You will be able to see different pros and cons of scaling and you will get a chance to understand both corporate and personal needs behind scaling the organization.

We will share with you our understanding of scaling and its needs as well as experiences we got while transforming Agile teams in scaled environment.


How to know when to pivot?