AgileByExample 2019

Louise Elliott

Louise has worked in the software world for longer than she cares to remember as developer, solutions architect and manager. She is passionate about pragmatic agile, delivering value, cosmology, photography, visiting Antarctica (if only), roller derby, machine learning, bridge (the card game not things that help you cross rivers), people stuff, war poetry and politics and she will talk endlessly about all of these given half the chance (don’t mention Bexit!). She believes that people are infinitely fascinating and that managing people is like the most complex multivariable multithreaded system you ever encountered.

Louise is one of the organisers of Agile in Leeds, a free UK based community event for sharing ideas and sparking debates, and writes a blog at

Stories from the Trenches (or how not to do agile)

How do you transform an organisation from waterfall to agile? How do you deal with people who resist change? How do you deal with day to day issues within an agile team? Come and hear lots of true stories from Louise’s work experience — the good, the bad and the ugly. Why make your own mistakes when you can learn from hers?!