AgileByExample 2019

Leonardo Bittencourt

Leonardo is Principal Lean and Agile Consultant at Ammeon Solutions where he works alongside companies to accelerate their delivery of software-enabled products and services.

He used to develop code, now he is focused on developing people, teams and organisations through Agile and/or Lean adoption, he is enthusiastic about Lean and Agile mindset in the Software Development industry as the transformation agent to create productive working environments and products that matters.

Understanding How Work Works to Improve Flow

Urgent work, resource utilization, predictability, blockers, induced work, feedback cycles... do these terms sound familiar? If so, how do they tie together? More important than the frameworks we use in our teams or organisations is the understanding on the dynamic behind the work we perform. This understanding will help us to focus on improving the right cogs in our environments.

In addition to that, we can define better metrics that will help us to assess the impact of our changes.

Join me in this session and let's understand how work works and what we can do to improve flow, collaboration and predictability in our teams and organisations.