AgileByExample 2019

Lech Wypychowski

Delivery Consultant, Buildit@wipro digital. Lech is an experienced PM with Agile mindset. He has a solid technical experience in software engineering that he gained working at large software projects as a validation engineer, programmer, scrum master, delivery consultant and Program Manager. Lech is passionate about building environment where people can be creative and work efficiently on products that will delight customers. Apart from working as a Delivery Consultant, Lech is also a co-author of ScrumTale simulation game and co-founder of AgileBrains – consultancy agency which supports IT companies in their Agile transformation.

Lech will lead his dojo with Przemysław Witka.

Workshop— ScrumTale—Simulation Game

ScrumTale is designed to teach the Scrum framework using the crime story as a product. It improves learning experience by simulating Agile product delivery while experiencing all Agile principles. Collaborative creation of a crime story is so similar to software development that it is easy to assess the product quality, consistency, and it is very easy and intuitive to respond to changing customer requirements.

The workshop participants will be split into two teams and each person will be assigned with a Scrum role: Developer, Scrum Master, Product Owner or Chief Product Owner. The goal for each team will be to write the greatest crime tale ever using the Scrum framework. The product delivery will be split into three sprints. Within each sprint, the players will practice Scrum events: sprint planning, sprint review and retrospective.

While playing the game, you will experience challenges with integration, quality and tools that are present during software development without the need of having a technical background. You can observe the mechanics of the Scrum during the stormy process of story writing.