AgileByExample 2019

Kylie Yearsley

Kylie Yearsley is a passionate advocate of experiential learning. Anything can be better understood if you give people the tools to experience it for themselves.

Having worked with agile frameworks since 2008 in the newspapers and online gaming and gambling industry, she now spends her time helping large, complex organisations understand the value of agility. She has worked on two large scale agile transformation to date and is also a co-organiser for local agile community learning networks, and meetups.

Empowering your teams by leaving them alone

We have all seen the YouTube clip for Dan Pinks Drive, the surprising truth about what motivates us.

In this 15 minute lightening talk, I will take you on a personal journey through a steep learning curve that nearly destroyed the product I created with my first agile team. How did we save it? How did we bring it back on track? What were my key takeaways? What advice would I like to go back in time and give myself?

Autonomy, mastery and purpose. To get the most out of your teams, may be we need to just get out of their way.

Workshop— My only complaint is that my cheeks hurt from laughing so much

How do use kanban to build and market test a product? Using your own hands and creativity, this highly interactive workshop will see you build and market test a product that is fun for all the family. We will be building and collaborating in a multi team setting to bring ideas to life, and use customer feedback to test and learn using kanban to bring visualisation and focus across complicated dependencies as we build and deploy an integrated product.

This workshop is suited to those who have little to no knowledge of kanban AND for those looking for a fun and new way to teach Kanban. We invite you to participate and plagiarise at will. We will share the pack and train the trainer note to anyone interested following the session.