Krystyna Abraham—Walasiak

Psychologist in the world of technology. Agile coach at Allegro. Likes to inspire others to take a deeper look at what is happening in the team. Especially enjoys sharing knowledge that is easy to understand and useful. Enthusiast and practitioner of Transactional Analysis in organizations.

Workshop—Team reSTART—what to remember when changing the team composition

In an agile environment teams often experience line-up changes. New teams are created to meet new business challenges. New people come or people with specific competencies join other teams for some time. Each such change is a disturbance of the team's stability that may somewhat affect the effectiveness.

During the workshop, you will take a look at what happens to you and the team when a new person joins. You will learn what to do to support effective cooperation. You will learn about the group process model in the Transaction Analysis framework (we will focus on the first stage). I will share my idea for a team workshop which has been proven many times at Allegro. Use the experience and ideas of other members of the group to create your own plan for managing the changes in your team.

The workshop will be held in Polish.


Workshop—Working styles and their impact on a team