Kirill Klimov

Kirill Klimov helps organizations use modern management methods such as Kanban, Flight Levels, LeSS, and SAFe, to drive change within an organization to become an awesome workplace and deliver the best to its customers. His diverse background spans web development, engineering, project management, and leadership across e-commerce, travel, and financial sectors, with a focus on distributed development.

Flow your strategy

Organizations often struggle to effectively implement their strategies, which can lead to a lack of alignment between long-term goals and day-to-day operations. The Flight Levels model provides a framework to address this challenge by structuring an organization into three levels of planning and design horizons: the strategic level (Flight Level 3), the coordination level (Flight Level 2), and the team level (Flight Level 1). Each level has its own objectives and metrics, but they are not hierarchical and are meant to work together in a continuous cycle. The real driver of improvement in the organization is the five activities that are set in motion between the levels to coordinate and improve the flow of initiatives.

This presentation will describe the Flight Levels model in detail and share two case studies. The first case study involves an e-commerce startup that was expanding rapidly into new markets while continuing to grow in existing ones. The second case study involves a mid-sized startup that had grown to operate in 10+ countries and was struggling to maintain its unique culture and values. By using the Flight Levels model, this organization was able to identify key issues that aligned with its culture and values, leading to greater success.

Overall, the Flight Levels model can help organizations create a more cohesive and integrated approach to strategy implementation, leading to greater consistency, efficiency, and success.