Katarzyna Mydło

I love to learn and to share my knowledge with others. I’m extremely curious how other people perceive our reality, thus I like to ask many questions.

I have been fulfilling the responsibilities of Scrum Master for over 2 years. I support organisations in discovering better ways to build better products (a.k.a. agile product development). I’m constantly looking for ways and methods to make the work of the teams and companies a little bit better, day after day.
And I like cats. Cats are nice.

Katarzyna will conduct her Dojo workshop together with Agnieszka Cieślawska.

Workshop—Looking for clues? Check the checklist!

Do you ever find yourself relating to the meme "I have no idea what I'm doing" in your work life? Probably there were times when you felt like the Labrador from it, navigating the unknown with uncertainty. But fear not! Each and every one of us experiences moments of cluelessness. Hopefully after our workshop you’ll get the idea where to look for clues.

In our workshop, we will offer you the tools to structure the thought processes and plan your next steps with more confidence. By familiarizing yourself with the Dreyfus brothers' model of skill acquisition, you'll gain insights into expertise levels within your team. Our main focus will be on a simple yet powerful tool – the checklist. There are many examples available on various blogs. Together, we'll dive into different checklists and brainstorm how and when to use them effectively.

Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey as you plan the first step of the team checklist experiment.


Workshop—Pimp my Sprint Review