Katarzyna Mydło

I love to learn and to share my knowledge with others. I’m extremely curious how other people perceive our reality, thus I like to ask many questions.
I have been fulfilling the responsibilities of Scrum Master for over 2 years. I support organisations in discovering better ways to build better products (a.k.a. agile product development). I’m constantly looking for ways and methods to make the work of the teams and companies a little bit better, day after day.
And I like cats. Cats are nice.

Katarzyna will conduct her Dojo workshop together with Agnieszka Cieślawska.

Workshop—Pimp my Sprint Review

Hello Agile community! Look at your Sprint Review. Now look at the one described in the Scrum Guide. Now back at yours and back to the one from Scrum Guide. Sadly, they are probably not the same event. If you think hard and organise your team's work, they could probably look more alike. Look down. Back up. Where are you? You’re at our workshop.

Let’s dissect the Sprint Reviews we all conduct or participate in. We’ll get back to the basics: what is the purpose of this event, who should be there and what is supposed to happen there. And most of all - what do we miss when our event is just a product demo. You’ll identify the pain points in your Sprint Review and prepare an action plan to make it better.
We require at least basic knowledge of the Scrum framework, since we are not going to cover all of the rules of it. Ergo: read the Scrum Guide. We’ll focus solely on this one event. We want to make it a star it deserves to be.