Karolina Hałaszkiewicz

u2i LLC & Ocado Technology

Karolina is Agile Lead & Teams Coach at u2i LLC, Cracow-based teal software house, a full-service digital boutique with an innovative approach to both its clients and its employees.

Karolina holds over 8 years of experience in the IT industry. She combines agile practices with psychology, to transform groups into high-performing autonomous teams, delivering business results faster and without burnout.

She’s on a mission to help organizations use their culture and intelligence to build a competitive advantage in a multi-competitive environment.

Karolina will give her talk with Tomasz Kornaś.

Find your freedom in the structure and un-busy your teams

We will present two real-life cases where we successfully experimented with an implementation of a self-organization framework we called Hives.

On a high level, the framework invites people representing different specialities to freely organize around the goals across an organization. Long story short, people can choose not only how they want to work towards goals but also which goals they would like to achieve. In the Hives model, we are going beyond stable long-lived teams and argue that organizational fluidity leads to better focus on the most important initiatives but also accelerates learning and increases employee engagement. Instead of keeping people busy, we invite them to put their energy into what they believe may be the most beneficial for them and for the company.

Despite the differences between our organizations and different business realities the model proved to be very promising. We would like to describe what obstacles we encountered and how we dealt with them.

This talk is about a model that was invented as an answer to a real problem of how to keep people with the company, but most importantly how to keep them happy and motivated.
This talk is about how to bridge business with people who solve business problems and maximize the value through their skills, talents, expertise and most importantly their drive.
This talk is about skills liquidity and accurately matching the right people with the right initiatives.
This talk is about a whole new understanding of a high-performing, agile and mature team.
This talk is about cross-functional teams being efficient, but not being enough anymore.
This talk is about not keeping people busy, but letting them find meaningful work.