Justyna Rędzikowska

I build teams and work with values, people, data, and processes. I love to learn and share knowledge. I have been developing myself as a leader since 2003, and since 2006 as a trainer, facilitator, and mentor. I like to ask questions, I am very interested in the world, humans, and the processes that take place in between. In 2018 I discovered Scrum and Agile, since 2019 I am a full-time Scrum Master and I love my job. Currently, I work as a Scrum Master at Danone, in my beloved Łódź.

What happens if we leave free space to set up process framework only by the Development team?

As Scrum Masters we are responsible for the team effectiveness and managing a process. But what happens if we leave free space to set up a process by the team made only from elements that they like, need, and see as valuable? I said: let's check it.

I would like to share with you my experience and thoughts on that experiment. You will hear a story that goes thru points:
- project background,
- description of a plan for full-day project's kick-off,
- details only about setting up (by the team) process framework.

You will hear the process framework story which goes thru four steps made with the team:
First: establishing what exactly Agile word means and what not.
Second: finding which actions or meetings team sees as helpful or useful.
Third: defining process flow for product's items - what steps are important for the Development team, and where they would like to have their focus.
Fourth: writing down what they need to start work on items and what they need to be proud of done work.

At the end of the talk, I will summarise how these steps showed us how the team would like to work and why. And I will solve the mystery of whether we ended with Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, or something totally different.

Workshop—How to translate the metrics theory into first and active use in a Scrum Team

Do you want to start working with metrics and involve the whole team in it?
Do you want to base your process work on data and make a decent contribution to the Retrospectives?
You know about the importance of metrics, but it was always hard for you to start to work with them because you did not know in detail what and how to do it?

Then this workshop is perfect for you! :)

Let's start with the goal and location of our activities in the life of the team. We will pay attention and touch on different perspectives. Then we will go through the process metrics from scratch to know where and how it all arises. We will end with life cases, first from my teams, and then yours so that you come out with ready ideas for implementation from the next day :)