Julia Shalet

Julia Shalet, Product Doctor, is a successful innovator, product leader, product owner, qualitative researcher, project director, lean practitioner, trainer, mentor, university tutor & event creator with a ton of experience from a broad range of sectors and organisation types.

Over the past 25 years Julia has brought many successful new propositions to market and has also helped hundreds of people evaluate, hone and progress their ideas through interactive workshops, one-to-one mentoring and by carrying out idea development & qualitative research on their behalf. With each interaction she has been able to develop, test and refine her hands-on approach, to address common challenges and avoid common pitfalls. All of these are nestled within The Really Good Idea Test®.

Some of these successes have attracted national TV, radio and newspaper coverage from BBC Inside Out, The Guardian, The Observer, The Independent, Harpers Bazaar and BBC Radio 4.

She has worked with many brands including Pearson, Edexcel, Samsung, T-Mobile, University College London, Fitbug, GSMA, Lambeth Council,, Brixton Village, World First, WeeWorld (the home of the WeeMees) & Vonage.

I’ve got this really good idea…

Do you remember the last time you heard someone say that they had a really good idea? What about the last time that you felt it could be a really bad idea?! Perhaps you felt it would be a waste of team resources?

Maybe you have an idea yourself and want an easy way to test it out?

The Really Good Idea Test® is for those moments!

In this session you will learn about the principles behind the test, get a whizz through how it works and see how it can help you avoid the common pitfall of delivering requirements that do not address the customer/user need.

Workshop—Put your idea to The Really Good Idea Test®

Are you or your team working on an idea and wondering if it is worth all the effort? Maybe you are full of ideas and looking for a way to work out which one to progress? This test will show you how to gather evidence, make decisions and move forward with confidence.

In this mini-workshop you will see how 7 practical steps can help you find out if it is an idea that is worth pursuing. It is something that the whole team can get involved with - everyone needs to understand who they are building for, right?!

What you will get from this workshop:
* Three participants will get the opportunity of having their idea worked on in real time.
* Simple structure to move your ideas forward with a clear step-by-step approach that you can use every time you have a new idea.
* Top tips to help you steer clear of common pitfalls and reduce risks inherent in making assumptions