Joshua Partogi

Joshua Partogi is a facilitator, a trainer and a content creator who loves experimenting on anything that can improve organisation agility and team collaboration. He loves sharing his experiments and ideas on his podcast and also on his Youtube channel that has impacted people’s life.

The Power of Story Telling in Improving Enterprise Agility

From my experience involved in several agile transformation in the past decade, I have learned one bitter lesson: you can't tell people to change. I have also observed that many transformations that are plan driven from the top rarely deliver the expected result. In this talk, I will share how to inspire and engage people with the organisation change through storytelling.

Several points that I will share in this talk are:
– Why stories are effective for organisation change.
– How telling stories are more effective than giving feedback.
– Why telling stories are hard and what you can do about it.
– What is needed for crafting engaging stories.
– When you should not tell stories during transformation.

After this talk you will leave with several action items to start developing story telling skills for engaging people with the organisation change.