Jolanta Marszewska


Change management consultant, coaching teams and helping them achieving their objectives. Expert in Facilitation, brought Process Iceberg® methodology to Poland in 2009 and wrote a book about it together with Tony Mann (“Facylitacja – wiedza, umiejętności, sztuka czy magia”).

Jolanta will lead her workshop with Magdalena Rudzka.

Workshop—Inception - how to get everyone aligned on product vision and goals? Learn facilitation techniques in practice.

Inception is a very efficient way for getting all team members and stakeholders engaged in a project from the very beginning. It needs to be planned and prepared carefully to bring expected results.

During an interactive workshop (held online or in person) you will learn:
- what Inception is and when it can be used
- how to create a Product Vision
- how to run an effective Inception workshop with professional facilitative approach
- selected facilitation techniques & tools you can use during any workshop or meeting

A training will be based on live examples and practical exercises in small groups. It is dedicated for anyone interested in meetings facilitation & product management (Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Dev Managers and more).