AgileByExample 2019

Jakub Szczepanik

Kuba Szczepanik is an Agile Consultant and Trainer, specializing in agile transformations of large organizations. He initiated agile usage in mBank, where he was supporting scrum teams and influenced the changes on organizational level that were required to benefit from agile approach to product development. Earlier he was leading agile centre of competence in Allegro Group, where he succesfully supported transition to Scrum in teams responsible for development of and Fascinated by the change that is happening in organizations that transformed into agile. He is cofounder of biggest polish portal about agile methods – and blogger sharing his personal insights about agile transformations on

Transformation is a neverending story, not a step or project

Some perceive Agile Transformation as a step - the structure needs to be reorganized, trainings conducted and new ways of working are ready to be used. Others know, that it takes time to change, so they see such transformation more like a project - there are many preplanned activities required to change the organization, even after the initial agile teams are formed. That still might be a myopic perspective - I want to show examples from the teams, that I was cooperating with during my career, that Agile Transformation is an ongoing activity, that you should worry about, even if you are using some agile approach for few years. I will present agile continuos improvement practices such as Retrospectives above team level and explain the role of Scrum Master or Agile Coach in that activities.

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Workshop— Agile Transformations Case Studies

We will take a closer look on case studies prepared on basis of personal experience of the facilitator. Groups will have a chance to discuss case of starting agile transformation using pilot approach in large polish bank and case of reorganization of small development unit that was using Scrum, but was not benefiting from it enough. Participants will be provided with the context of these two cases and in groups will have to try to come up to solutions that they find best for these scenarios. Then we will gather all the solutions from the groups and discuss possible options and rationale of choosing different approach to similar situations. Both cases will be also summarized and commented by the facilitator and actual development of the situation will be shared.


Practices that can help you succeed with your agile journey