AgileByExample 2019

Jakub Szczepanik

I am helping to get through the changes in companies, that want to embrace agility. I am consultant and advisor, basing on experience from introducing Scrum in Allegro and initiating agile transformation in mBank. I am using the perspective of Project Manager, Scrum Master, Agile Coach and Team Manager – I performed all these roles personally throughout my career. In my everyday job I am glad, that I can improve the business performance and at the same time – make work environment better for employees.
I co-founded and am writing at biggest polish portal about agility – I am also casual blogger on my personal site I frequently share my knowledge about agility and agile transformations during conferences and local meetups.

Workshop— Definition and decomposition of product in agile-outside-IT initiatives

Agile is more and more often used in projects or initatives outside IT development. In such situation it is relatively easy to adapt agile practices (retrospectives, dailies, selforganization), one of the biggest challenge is to define the product and deliver it in small increments. In this workshop participants will take on real-life examples of agile-outisde-IT projects and try to define the goal, the product and possible approaches to decompose it into smaller increments. We will emphasize the difference between work-breakdown and product-breakdown and between decomposition of upfront-set scope and incremental approach to every iteration. The workshop will be based on examples from my latest practice as an agile coach - participants will study examples of teams developing call-center procedures, HR projects and projects improving production process in large factory.


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