Jakub Drzazga

Jakub Drzazga has experience in various areas related to IT projects. Currently he does what he likes most: he is a consultant and trainer.

For many years he has been helping organizations from startups to corporations to solve various problems. When the situation requires it, he joins the project and helps to lead it out of a critical situation. He doesn’t accept cosmetic changes and following project fashions. If he helps to implement Kanban or Scrum in the organization it is only to produce better software that meets the expectations and needs of users.

Workshop—Kanban and Statistical Forecast

Kanban Method is all about managing services - which are used to meet customers expectations and needs.

Undoubtedly Kanban (at least its elements) should be an indispensable tool for every Product Manager and Product Owner.

The workshop consists of four parts:
- simulation game, during which participants will be "immersed" in the experience of working in the kanban system,
- translating the experience into knowledge about the practices of the Kanban Methodology,
- Service Level Expectation - statistical forecast for single work items,
- Monte Carlo method - statistical forecast of a larger scope.