AgileByExample 2019

Jacek Wieczorek

I’m an Agile Coach who helps companies rapidly deliver valuable products to customers. During my career I gain hands-on experience in many roles (developer, project manager, scrum master, agile coach, C-level executive), in various companies (start-ups, middle size companies, big corporations), in diverse business models (product and service oriented, internal and external clients), with customers from different countries (Poland, UK and USA). I’m an author of “Labirynty Scruma” book, co-founder of the biggest Polish agile website ( and I share my thoughts about agile coaching on my personal blog ( Co-owner of consultancy agency 202 Procent.

How to build the right product using Product Discovery techniques

Many teams these days are focused on increasing output, without even thinking about the outcome. Attention is put on a number of features, higher velocity, and resource utilization. Although in an Excel file it looks good, we forget why and for whom we do it. As a result, we end up with products that nobody wants to use.
To avoid such situations, we should build a shared understanding of the product in the team and separate good ideas from the bad ones before we start the development process. This is what, among other benefits, product discovery is about.
After facing dozens of situations where a wrong product was built, I started incorporating product discovery techniques into products and projects that I was involved in. Things that I have learned are: start with a product vision, try to validate product ideas before you start developing them and maintain a common understanding of the product between team members.
During the presentation based on short case studies, you will learn how Product Discovery techniques like product vision board, customer interviews, and story mapping could help you to increase the chance to deliver the right product.

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