Geoff Watts

As well as being an author, speaker, podcaster and trainer from the UK, Geoff Watts is an agile leadership coach and the co-creator of ORGANIC agility. He coaches leadership teams on developing a resilient and coherent culture within their organisations. He has also created Geoff’s Agile Mastery Community, a free platform for agilists around the world to support one another in an ego-free environment.


Keynote—Standardised Autonomy: Balancing self-organisation with organisational alignment

One of the major challenges for organisations looking to be agile at the organisational level is how to enable the autonomy required for each team to deal with their own unique challenges while maintaining some level of organisational alignment. The more autonomy is granted to teams, the less standardised things become for the organisation. Agile leadership coach Geoff Watts will explain how leaders can strike that balance and develop a habit of inspection and adaptation in order to maintain continual cultural coherence.


Keynote—A Welcome from Geoff Watts