Fernando Colleone

I am Brazilian, living and working in the Czech Republic and I have spent the last 18+ years working with Information Technology and Services. After many years working at IBM as Senior Project Manager and Global Program Manager, I decided to shift my career to help teams at Red Hat to embrace and adopt Agile Practices. As a Senior Principal Agile Practitioner, my focus is on coaching and mentoring leaders to help them align their work to our strategy and making their teams improve day by day.

I love to help teams to be a little bit better than the day before and to deliver what is important to customers. I also like to share what I learned throughout the years, so I participated and gave talks in conferences in Brazil, Poland, England, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Workshop—OKR Workshop

Aligning the work that every team does to the company strategy can be painful and difficult. Sometimes team don't have a clear idea if what they are working on is actually valuable to customers. How can teams and the organization overcome that? Well, the use of Objectives and Key results can be a good way to support it. However, If people don't know how to write a good OKR, the problem still remains, so in my workshop people will practice how to actually differentiate good and bad OKRs and definitely will practice how to write them, so they are prepared to use when they need to in their organizations

Embarking on a Continuous Improvement Journey using an Open Decision Framework

I will share what we have been doing at Red Hat related to the Agile & Continuous Improvement journey that we started to take within the Global Engineering Organization.

You will see how the journey can start from the bottom up and not just something that leadership decided that needs to happen.

By the end of this talk, you will be able to see how Red Hat approached it using an Open decision framework and how you can think differently if you are starting an improvement journey in your company.