Fernando Colleone

I am Brazilian, living and working in the Czech Republic and I have spent the last 18+ years working with Information Technology and Services. After many years working at IBM as Senior Project Manager and Global Program Manager, I decided to shift my career to help teams at Red Hat to embrace and adopt Agile Practices. As a Senior Principal Agile Practitioner, my focus is on coaching and mentoring leaders to help them align their work to our strategy and making their teams improve day by day.

I love to help teams to be a little bit better than the day before and to deliver what is important to customers. I also like to share what I learned throughout the years, so I participated and gave talks in conferences in Brazil, Poland, England, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

Talks to be announced.


Workshop—OKR Workshop

Talk—Embarking on a Continuous Improvement Journey using an Open Decision Framework