AgileByExample 2020

Ewa Koprowska

Partner & CHO in Code Sprinters. Ewa Koprowska has been working in the IT industry for 20 years. During her career, she has worked as an actuarial developer, analyst, project manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Coach and other, so she looks at the organizations and teams she works with from a broader perspective.

Ewa was also one of the managers of the Everest project in PZU, thanks to which she became one of the most recognizable experts in agile transformation and scaling in the Polish industry.

Ewa will lead her workshop with Aga Szóstek and her talk with Łukasz Szóstek.

Workshop— Where can the product backlog, which aims to deliver customer value, come from?

Too often, the source from which the backlog is formulated, stems from KPIs, OKRs or (in an extended version) the so-called "consultant slide". These sources allow you to understand who, what, when and for how much needs to do to earn a certain amount of money for the organization. But in this very process the creativity, innovation and the co-existence of knowledge and experience of the team responsible for the solution seems to be lost.

What would happen if you approached the backlog definition in an alternative manner? How would it look like if you had an opportunity to add some elements of creative ideation focused on delivering value for your customers to it? This is what we hope to show you during our workshop. The idea behind it was born in the cooperation with our clients and during the Agile Coach Camp. It is based on the tool called Seed Cards (but in a modified version it can also be implemented without this tool).

The workshop is designed primarily for Product Owners, Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches. But designers, developers and managers are also very welcome. The main goal of the workshop is to show an effective ideation method as well as the approach for choosing the best ideas for the backlog. The secondary goal is to work on real-life examples proposed by users, which can then be implemented and used for their products.

Agile Transformation on TRIAL

What if Agile Transformation was brought to justice?
- Are the usual charges true?
- Are the common accusations really the most severe ones?
- Who are the accomplices given the charges against Agile Transformation?

If you'd like to know come to the trial and decide for yourself.