AgileByExample 2020

Elaine Sullivan

Having caught the technology bug at age 9, I started my IT career straight from school and by age 24, was the Network Manager for Compaq UK; I also spear-headed their European Network Managers group to facilitate European wide collaboration.

Throughout the course of years, I have worked with most of the major technology providers and have seen at first-hand how high intensity, demanding workplaces can impact personal.  It was this that led me to start my own business, Skybrook Consultants, where I can use my real life, ‘in the trenches’ experience to offer insight, guidance, and training on leadership, collaboration and, more importantly, resilience in the workplace.

I have previously worked with organisations as diverse as London Victoria Insurance and Hampshire Constabulary, UK, and, amongst others, have spoken at events such as Unicom Test Conference (UK), 2017, Agile on the Beach (UK), 2017 and 2018, ACE! (Krakow, Poland) 2019.

My style is always about injecting humour and fun into whatever I am speaking about.  I’m dynamic, bold and engaging.


Additionally, Elaine runs a separate coaching practice to enable women to gain more control, feel less stressed and create a life of their own making.

Using neuroscience to build high performance teams

From Sabre-Toothed Tigers to modern day man (and woman). This talk takes a light-hearted look on neuroscience, how it affects our physiology and psychology, and how with some understanding of neuroscience, we can better engage with ourselves, our colleagues and our staff, and, as a result promote better collaboration, productivity and performance.

Workshop— Humanity's ultimate exercise in goal setting, the Lunar Landing

Whilst exploring the backdrop of the Apollo programme of 50 years ago, and reviewing the working practices of NASA and those companies associated with it, the latest understanding of the psychology of goal setting will be applied as, put simply, SMART goals alone do not work.

By understanding how a simply worded vision galvanised a team of individuals to greatness, the attendees of this workshop will be invited to review their own and their company’s visions for the future and whether they are ‘fit for purpose’.

Through instruction, trainer led facilitation, and practical exercises the tutorial will enable the attendees will develop a greater understanding about the psychology of visionary goal setting and how to make it work for them.