Dorota Hoffmann

Consultant, Coach and Facilitator, Visual Thinker

I specialize in supporting people building resilience while working under pressure or in a new, strongly changing environment. I teach them how to activate their ability to act effectively in difficult situations.

I work both individually and with teams.

My key focus areas:

* Effective problem solving

* Search for consensus in a team based on common goals, rules and budgets

* Facilitating decision making process

* Strategic planning and launching appropriate activities

* Constructive problem solving by searching for win-win solutions

* Building and maintaining a high quality relationship

* Improving leadership and managerial skills

* Wise personal energy management

My main advantages and skills:

* “Out of the Box” thinking

* Taking into account the system perspective

* Highly developed communication skills

* Enthusiasm and passion for visual thinking and designing human-centered solutions

* Activator energy

* 25+ years of experience in the ITC industry (sales of B2B solutions)

* 15+ years of coaching and mentoring practice

I work in accordance with the ICF Code of Ethics.

Talks to be announced.


Talk—Available for coaching sessions on the 6th of October