Dmytro Mindra


Dima has 17 years of experience in the software development industry. At Grammarly, he leads the Core Language team that provides tooling and a platform for computational linguists and ML researchers. His team maintains and develops the high-load back-ends that process user texts.

Before joining Grammarly, he worked for Oracle, Opower, Unity Technologies, Microsoft, Lohika, and Epam.

In 2018, Dima received an MBA from the Kyiv School of Economics to strengthen his managerial and leadership skills and to get a better understanding of the business side of technology.

Put Your Culture to Work

This talk concerns the particulars that make a company’s culture measurable and practical. But we’ll also go beyond the culture and touch on the base of organizational structures that I have observed and their correlation with said culture.

The questions that we will touch on in this talk include:
- What are the written and unwritten aspects of the culture?
- How can you make your company’s values measurable?
- How are values applied in selection and assessment?
- What tools can be used to build and strengthen the culture?
- What is a functional hierarchy, and how does it integrate with dynamic matrix-based structures?
- What function can guilds play in the engineering organization?