Denis Salnikov

Agile Expat

Denis Salnikov is a certified Scrum Master & Agile Consultant with over 6 years of hands-on experience with Scrum, Kanban and LeSS. Denis has taken an active part in multiple agile transitions in 5 countries, working with dev teams and management, helping to introduce and foster an Agile Mindset, self-organization and Product development practices. His experience also includes active participation in two LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) framework adoptions.

In addition to his professional activity, Denis participates in various knowledge-sharing initiatives. Besides spreading the word on agile in his Medium blog, speaking at conferences and podcasts, he is also the founder of Agile Kuban (Krasnodar, Russia) community.

Switching from Scrum to Kanban? Forget it!

“Let’s switch to Kanban - it fits us better than Scrum!” - have you ever heard something like that? I did many times. And it rarely led to any significant improvement in any dimensions you may think of: quality, predictability, agility or value delivery. Why so? And is there a way to make Scrum and Kanban work together instead of replacing one with another? In my talk I will answer both questions and support my opinion with multiple examples from my practice.