Deepak Dhananjaya


Deepak is a versatile and experienced professional with over a decade in Agile space as a developer, technical expert, manager, process consultant and now as co-creator of AgileSattva. Having worked for many years on Agile transformations, he firmly believes that goal of Agile is to create self-sustained, self-organised and self-reliable systems. It’s aboutBeing Agilerather than “Doing Agile”.

Though he has extensive experience in using Agile frameworks like Scrum and  Kanban, he believes that approaching transformation/coaching using a systemic lens is more effective instead of retrofitting the existing frameworks. He also believes that the system (team/organisation) should drive the Agile Transformation. These beliefs led him to develop a System Driven Transformation (SDT) approach for Agile transformations along with his colleague and co-creator of AgileSattva.

Do you talk about ’The Elephant in the room’?

Agile teams are self-organised teams that need to work together as a single unit. Many frameworks based on Agile values and principles provide “how to work”. There are many teams who adopt the processes and do the ceremonies as a rule. There are times when there are unspoken assumptions, tensions, feelings, remain in the team. This is mostly referred to as “elephant in the room” that no one is talking about. I share my experience of working with teams to talk about the elephant in the room and develop open-authentic dialogue within the team. This fosters trust and authenticity in the team. This is a crucial aspect of an Agile team.