Dawna Jones

Dawna Jones is a speaker, mentor, workshop leader, and Chief Provocateur at InSight Out Consulting. She works with progressive leaders and teams to strengthen their leadership skills, increase their capacity for decision-making, and instill a mindset that prepares them for exponential change and complex environments. Dawna is the author of Decision Making for Dummies (on Forbes’ Steve Denning’s list of eight noteworthy books) and coauthor of From Hierarchy to High Performance, and has contributed chapters and articles to numerous publications. Her podcasts over the last ten years have focused on management innovation, reconnecting decision-making to values, and insights about business adaptability and personal growth.

Navigating the Messy Middle: Implementing Agile Transformation Using You as a Compass

From the top, your Agile implementation looks like it is going swimmingly well. But talk to people several layers down and you hear stories of resistance. Some blame it on the organization’s immune system, others blame the people.

In fact, chaos is an essential part of the transformation when you introduce a disruption like Agile into an organization designed for predictable outcomes. Chaos provides an opportunity to advance leadership and flexibility as long as you shift perspective.

"Navigating the Messy Middle" demands more from internal leadership at every level than business as usual.