Bogdan Onyshchenko

Bogdan brings 10 years of experience as a Developer, Scrum Master, Product Owner and Trainer.

Over the years he designed and managed IT products in telecommunications, logistics, retail and online gambling domains in Ukraine, Poland and Germany. He believes in a practical approach and for the last 5 years has served as a Product Owner or Product Manager in both startup and enterprise companies.

Why adopt Lean UX? Since literally everyone else already did

Being lean is in our nature and even in our subconsciousness. Running small low-effort, low-risk experiments is what we do daily. So why do so many teams keep telling that Lean UX practices might work for others, but not for them? Let's try to have a look at people in other professions, people with no profession at all and even animals to see that lean practices are everywhere, easy to implement and are worth doing.