Błażej Drobniuch

Agile practitioner, since 2011 associated with the IT industry. Supporting organizations in achieving agility by building it around self-managing teams focused on delivering business value. Błażej gained his experience in small and large companies where he participated in agile transformation, defining new roles, structures and ways of working.

He has a number of original training projects related to the development of competencies in building an agile organization. He conducts trainings in the following areas: Product Management, Agile Leadership, Agile Organisation, Agile Culture, Extreme programming, Recruiting & OnBoarding, Agile HR. Speaker at the Motorola Agile Swarming 2019 conference, IT Academic Days conference, lecture for students of AGH University of Science and Technology, MeetUp ALE Krakow, MeetUp NovoTalks; Web Academy webinar. Author of articles on Agile.

Certified LeSS practitioner, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Leader and programmer (CLP, PSM II, PSM I, PSPO II, PSPO I, PAL I, C ++ 03 Expert). A graduate of the School of Trainers at the Wszechnica UJ Krakow. An enthusiast of Turquoise Organizations, Large Scale Scrum (LeSS), Management 3.0, Impact Mapping, and #NoEstimate movement.

Workshop—How to recruit for Agile roles?

At the end of the day, you as a manager are responsible for the people in your department. Employee Experience topics like: regular coaching, support, performance review, periodic interviews, pay cuts and layoffs are on your shoulders. That’s why it is so important that you also actively participate in the recruitment of your employees! But how to recruit effectively for Agile positions that are unfamiliar to you?

Find answers to questions:
What is a competency?
How to build a candidate's competency profile?
What recruitment techniques can help to check a candidate's experience?
Which recruitment techniques are ineffective and harmful?
How to formulate proper recruitment questions and what is the STAR model?
What are the advantages of internal vs. external recruiting?
What aspects distinguish a professional recruitment process?

Błażej will lead this workshop with Tomasz Morański.

Workshop—XP Dojo for Dev-Teams

Experience in person this Remote GIVEN-WHEN-THEN TDD Mob Programming Dojo and next try it out in your teams!
Learn useful Agile practices that will help you and your team bring business and tech people closer together.
Learn tools and techniques that support distributed teams and give you an advantage while working remotely from home.

Find answers to questions:
How to encourage people to do pair programming?
How to run a mob programming session remotely?
How to introduce TDD and BDD approach to your team?
How to move from acceptance criteria towards specification by example?
How to involve testers in the initial stages of software development and be like the three amigos?
How to talk with users and stakeholders to uncover hidden assumptions?
How to work online collaboratively on an outcome-based product backlog?
How to run an example mapping session remotely and create a sprint backlog with examples and wireframes?
How to document your product using live executable documentation in Gherkin, instead of inconsistent and outdated documentation in Sharepoint?

We will start from a programming puzzle just to get used to the “mobbing/ensemble” style of working and have some fun!
Next, we will develop a platform as a startup with our sponsor in the room, willing to spend 1M$ to check his idea!

We will use a remote IDE and code in Java and Cucumber, so you will need:
- just a little programming experience (any programming language will do),
- a computer with a plugged-in mouse and keyboard :),
- headphones, microphone and camera (remember it's all about human interactions),
- ability to share your screen (we will switch and work in different roles),
- Google Chrome Browser since we’ll also use Miro.