Bartosz Juszczak

I work both at the organizational level and team level to promote agility as a way of thinking that leads to achieving a competitive advantage in the market.

I have worked for organizations from various industries.

I have trained in agility 370+ people from different countries and continents. In addition, I conducted workshops for 140+ people during conferences (twice at the largest in Poland devoted to everything agile: AgileByExample) or meetups of local communities.

I truly believe in servant leadership and that management is about finding efficient ways for a business to achieve its goals while maintaining happiness in the workplace. I understand leadership as growing and transforming organizations in terms of the value they deliver, as well as being great places to work.

I see people as the main potential to gain a competitive advantage in the market, even greater than any processes or technologies.

I am convinced that having a good product is not about luck or trying hard enough if you don’t know what’s your vision.

I am a leader of the local community Agile Poznań.

Talks to be announced.


Workshop—Mastering splitting User Stories


Workshop—Evidence-Based Management as practical way for improvements and agility


Workshop—On the trail of product strategy