Bartek Janowski

Bartek Janowski is an experienced Agile Coach, Scrum Master and programmer (embedded C++). For years he has gained broad experience taken from power, telecommunication and banking industry working in a waterfall and agile environments. Thanks to being flexible Bartek supported teams as a team leader and Scrum Master (not at the same time).

Also, he admired the time when he had to focus on the quality of provided solutions. He was a Product Owner of internal innovative products. Thanks to his diverted perspective he can actively support a transformation at mBank by helping teams, managers, processes, departments to create products that might delighted customers and bring value. Previously he had a chance to be a part of such change at Ericpol/Ericsson.

Bartek will lead his dojo with Marzena Tyran.

Talks to be announced.


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