AgileByExample 2019

Arturs Gedvillo

Your host of this journey is a project manager and PM supervisor in business automation and Enterprise Resource Planning, warehouse management, manufacturing planning and retail software implementation projects. He has strong experience with Waterfall (16+ years) and Agile (3+ years) approaches. Currently Arturs as a consultant is helping organizations to improve their business productivity by transforming people, processes and technologies using best coaches, tools and practices available.

From Confusion to Transparency

Arturs will talk about a case study which vividly illustrates how a software project can fail big-time if wrong approach is used for business transformation and software development and implementation. This story will take you through 2 years of the project life. It all started as a phased Waterfall and transformed into Scrum. Do you want to find out how and why? During this journey you will have a chance to witness confusion, stubbornness, dissatisfaction. It will be topped with a touch of Agile cargo cult. The story will finish with transparency and team happiness, while leaping into beautiful scrum implementation with co-located team and a room full with visualized valuable information for radical transparency.