Arek Benedykt

Arek is a software developer by heart and by profession. He has started his journey in the ’80s. Firstly by sitting on a Polish computer named Odra. Later his love for computers has developed, and he started to create his first computer programs in his teens. Professionally active since 2005. Since then he has worked in small and big companies creating various types of software. From desktop to web applications and from single user to multi-user solutions. Seen how the industry evolves, changes, and goes back. Currently, he is working as an Engineering Manager at Pitney Bowes where he focuses on developing people. Enabling them to do their best at supporting the business of package delivery at the scale of millions per day.

Why developers do not need your Agile

Agile is everywhere. There are tons of materials about Agile. There are tons of talks about Agile. There are even whole conferences focused on Agile (like this one, for example). Agile is simply everywhere. That is a well-known fact. But did you know that developers do not need it? Did you ever ask yourself how many developers attend those Agile conferences? Let's dive into the rabbit hole and see how far it goes. Let's see what's on the other side, behind all those backlogs and ceremonies. Let's taste a bit of the real, day-to-day, developers world.