Anna Radzikowska

Mauvius Group

Anna is a Chief Operating Officer at Mauvius Group ( where the heart of the Kanban Method beats.

Over 15 years she worked at various places (from public institutions, through her own business to huge Shared Service Centers and banks) absorbing knowledge and gathering experience which she uses to support her students and clients on their path to greater work efficiency and business agility.

Anna has a few years of experience in finance and risk management and was an active member of the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) at that time.

Today she focuses on helping individual clients and organizations through the adoption of the Kanban Method and application of the Kanban Maturity Model both in and outside IT businesses.

You can meet Anna at regular David J Anderson School of Management webinars, and watch her on YouTube channels:

David J Anderson School of Management (

Kanban Maturity Model (

Or read her articles at David J Anderson School of Management blog:


In the depths of the Kanban. Applying underappreciated scaling techniques for product management in the finance institution.

Your project stuck for 7 months but everyone wants your Gannt chart to show progress. Stakeholders keep asking: "When will it be done?" every 2nd week. You try to stay positive, despite having your own Doomsday Scenario…

People often ask, "How do we scale Kanban?" meaning: "How can we apply our team Kanban at the portfolio level?"
But scaling Kanban is more than that. This is the story of how scaling Kanban in width helped to move on the project which stuck and start delivering value to the customers. But it's also the story of how scaling Kanban in depth created a deep sense of collaboration and trust between the Business and Delivery organization.