Aleksandra Pyta

Aleksandra Pyta is a Senior Project Manager and Team Leader at Netguru. She is responsible for a portfolio of over 10 projects which involve around 75 people.

Her main passion is growing: herself and people around her. When she’s not at Netguru working with her Team of Project Managers, she works with students at Collegium Da Vinci, where she teaches communication. And when it comes to growing herself – she’s addicted to reading and is a certified PSPO I, PSM I, PSM II.

She loves collecting new experiences and traveling the world – and what she loves the most is combining these two. She spent some time in Denmark, where she polished her communication skills in a Marketing Management course. Then she calculated the perfect pressure in steam boilers and transmission line losses during her studies at Poznań & Warsaw University of Technology. She also spent a few months in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, preparing documentation for a III+ generation AP1000 reactor and enjoying hot-dogs at Pittsburgh Pirates baseball games.

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