AgileByExample 2019

Agnieszka Balcer-Thinlay

Agnieszka is a Director of Product Research at Codility, working with both qualitative as well as quantitative data and advocating for insights-driven decision making. She has been collecting research experience for over 14 years, working for variety of categories – software, FMCG, cosmetics, automotive, household goods, services and telecommunications (including running Marketing Research Team at Play for over 6 years). She also teaches courses on research and ethnography to post-graduate students at Warsaw School of Economics, Kozminski Academy and Warsaw School of Social Psychology.

Relax and enjoy the data

We all work with engineers and feel we understand what works in engineering teams and what doesn’t. Most of the time we are learning by hard — through trial, error and observation. This presentation will allow you to confirm — or contradict? - some of the things you suspected but perhaps never got a chance to measure. Graphs, numbers and facts from Codility Developer survey 2019.

What pays off more: tests first or after?
How does pair programming influence sense of success at work?
What makes employers and tech leads ‘dreamy’?
Do developers plan on being developers in the future?
…and other findings.