Adam Michalczyk

I teach Scrum Masters. I teach agility. I advise on how to introduce and develop agile.

I have been a Professional Scrum Trainer for for several years. I am proud to have achieved this. I can build agile teams. I help to understand how organisational change works, how to lead and steer it.

I have advised a wide variety of companies. From those making games – from the smallest to the largest, at an insurance company, several bespoke software development companies and at a huge energy supplier. I’ve trained people from every /probably/ industry. I’m passionate about developing people. I mentor advanced Scrum Masters. I have a website

The reason you cannot neither measure value nor create sprint goals

Adam presents a surprising line of reasoning that leads to the reasons for the difficulty of running Scrum in software delivery organizations that are not startups. Why can't we use Sprint Goals, Product Goal and measure value? Adam discusses the real purpose of using Scrum and contrasts it with the corporate reality. Perhaps the problems many of us face are not due to our inability to do so, but to the context in which we have come to work. And if it's not our fault, then what can we really do about it. Maybe it's high time to stop believing SM/AC's are saviors of organisations and start changing small things that create real change.


Workshop—When was the last time you stole something? Is it possible to shave without looking in the mirror? Agile Coach Ethics.