In 2019 all the talks, with the exception of the keynotes, lightning talks and the discussion panel were held in two parallel tracks. We continued with the established ABE format – the keynotes were 50 mins long and the other talks were either 30 or 15 min.




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Andrea Provaglio
A Language for Change

Martin Hinshelwood
An Enterprise transformation that shows that you can too

Andy Brandt
The overlooked aspects of “Agile transformations”

Elaine Sullivan
Using neuroscience to build high performance teams


Denis Vanpoucke
We are SAFe, but are we Agile?

Malcolm Campbell
Transforming an Organisational Culture

Ewa Koprowska, Łukasz Szóstek
Agile Transformation on TRIAL

Krzysztof Majewski
Personal growth—how to ignite proactivity?



Alberto Brandolini
Software design as a cooperative game with EventStorming

Kamil Puk
Staying aligned with the value in a short-lived project

Agnieszka Balcer-Thinlay
Relax and enjoy the data

Piotr Leszczyński
Responsible Leader—a year long story from self-application of the Responsibility Process


John Le Drew
No serendipity without chaos

Jakub Bażela
Dealing with DDD: Disruption Driven Development

Aleksandra Pyta
User story mapping

John Le Drew
When Andrew met Michael


Tomek Włodarek
10 pitfalls to watch out for while changing an organizational culture

Krystian Kaczor
Scrum Studio—Agile in non-Agile organization

Dominik Sawicki, Grzegorz Struś
Agile transformation in sales and recruitment teams

Jakub Szczepanik
Transformation is a neverending story, not a step or project

Kylie Yearsley
Empowering your teams by leaving them alone


Simon Wright
AI Techniques for Agile Estimation

Leonardo Bittencourt
Understanding How Work Works to Improve Flow

Radosław Orszewski
Upstream Kanban—what’s in there for Product people?

Louise Elliott
Stories from the Trenches (or how not to do agile)

Arturs Gedvillo
From Confusion to Transparency

Zuzanna Konarska, Stanisław Matczak
Help, my team doesn’t want to Scrum!


Przemysław Witka
Complexity Thinking and Systemic Approach in Role Definitions (Intel Example)

Piotr Majkowski
What a black hole can tell us about engineering management—a Spotify’s transition from Chapter Leads into Engineering Managers

Krystian Kaczor
Before you start scaling

Mateusz Ryba, Karol Krupnik
Choose your weapon—external agile consultant vs internal agile coach team

Dominika Bula
The Secret to Scrum with Distributed Teams



Ewa Fijołek, Michał Jaworski
Why and how to rotate

Krzysztof Niewiński
Build your own Agile framework

Paweł Słowikowski
Self-organization with Holacracy. Be careful what you wish for

Michał Grześkowiak
Remote work(s)

Piotr Kuczyński
Hitting your head against concrete


In 2019 the lineup of the panel was spectacular.

Check it out on YouTube.

The panel was moderated by Andy Brandt.

April K. Mills
Bob Marshall
Jeff Gothelf
Jurgen Appelo
Willy Wijnands


April K. Mills 

Bob Marshall

Tomasz Serafin

Przemysław Witka

Simon Wright

Malcolm Campbell

Emilka Bojańczyk

Karol Krupnik

Marcin Kępka

Jakub Bażela


All the workshops were 3–3.5 hour long. The participants could choose one workshop in the morning and another in the afternoon session.

Willy Wijnands
Humanity’s ultimate exercise in goal setting, the Lunar Landing

Elaine Sullivan
Liberating Structures—Introduction to facilitation structures to include everyone’s opinion

Tomasz Manugiewicz
Scaled Agile Simulation Game

Kylie Yearsley
My only complaint is that my cheeks hurt from laughing so much

Klaudia Komacka, Marcin Ziółek
FAIL—first attempt in learning

Radosław Orszewski
Build, Measure, Improve—Introduction to Kanban Method

Bob Marshall
The Shrink is IN

Piotr Radaj
Bring Your Own Problem

Piotr Leszczyński
Restorative Practices—an essential leadership skillset not only for conflicts

Andrea Provaglio
Leadership and the Art of Listening

Przemysław Witka, Lech Wypychowski
ScrumTale—Simulation Game

Izabela Goździeniak, Dominika Ciszewska
Define structures—how to start when something goes wrong in agile cooperation

John Le Drew
Facilitating Powerful Retrospectives

Kamil Puk
Tailored-made retrospectives that make a difference

Jakub Szczepanik
Definition and decomposition of product in agile-outside-IT initiatives

Agnieszka Szóstek, Ewa Koprowska
Where can the product backlog, which aims to deliver customer value, come from?

Arleta Szczygielska, Piotr Kuczyński
Why do your initiatives die—the problem with solving problems

April K. Mills
How to Accelerate Your Agile Implementation




Agata Pyzowska
Anna Wiśniewska
Diana Makulska
Emilka Bojańczyk
Katarzyna Sztarbała
Łukasz Szóstek
Maciek Turczyniak
Magda Dobruk
Mateusz Srebrny
Natalia Żurowska
Piotr Burdyło

Program Committee

Adam Michalczyk
Andy Brandt
Ewa Gowin
Ewa Koprowska
Izabela Goździeniak
Łukasz Szóstek
Mateusz Srebrny

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