AgileByExample 2017

Krystyna Abraham-Walasiak

Allegro Group

Agile coach at Allegro, psychologist and experienced social skills trainer approved by Polish Psychologists` Association. She graduated from the School of Transactional Analysis and has participated in a 4-year programme of specialized training courses in the Organisational TA. While working in IT, she likes to look inside a team and analyse relationships between group members. She readily shares her knowledge and eagerly cooperates with new teams, as each team is a new challenge.

Workshop—Working styles and their impact on a team

Is working under pressure something you enjoy? Or maybe you are the type that likes to have time for polishing a product or code? When in a difficult situation, do you roll up your sleeves and take someone else's tasks to keep the work going? Do you like challenges, but find it difficult to accomplish them? Do you keep calm in the middle of a crisis, but do not know how to ask for help? We all have a favourite working style (called driver in Transactional Analysis) that controls the way we act during a crisis. It is crucial to know and understand your working style, in particular if you are an Agile Coach / Scrum Master / Product Owner or a manager, as it influences the team you work with. Working styles have an impact on everything you do: the way you organize work, manage your time, react to others, contribute to the team, enjoy success, communicate or build sentences. The more you know about the pros and cons of particular styles the better for your team. Use that knowledge to work on alternative behavioural patterns to go beyond the usual you. Why should you take part? • Learn more about “Be perfect”, “Be strong”, “Please me”, “Try hard” and “Hurry up” styles to identify yours. • To be able to focus on your strong sides and adopt beneficial features of other working styles. The workshop will be held in Polish.