Kate Hobler (Terlecka)

Kate Hobler

Brass Willow

Charismatic mentor, coach and trainer. Agile transformation profesional, licensed trainer. Founder and chair of Brass Willow – a company that trained and transformed thousands.
Loves humans and their interaction. If possible, she would have come back to working with teams. But the problem in organizations is never there. So she works with leaders, product people, HR and directors to facilitate change that sticks.

How to develop Scrum Masters and agile coaches?—the ingredients for a perfect Development Program

Scrum Masters and agile coaches are lagging in the very end of the educational chain. Why? HR usually has no idea what they need to be efiicient. Besides, they are capable of gaining knowledge on their own. Is that really so?

I will show you what ingredients you can use to facilitate your or your agile professional's growth.

Workshop—Building a Scrum Master and agile coach development programs

HR professionals have a hard time with agile professionals' development - they usually don't know how to help them, because the knowledge on what a Scrum Master or an agile coach is tends to be hidden in a cave seven seas away.

In this workshop I will show you what competencies an agile professional should have and how to use them in building an effective and engaging development plan.

You can use it as an HR professional to develop your organization or as an agile professional to develop yourself and your peers (with budget or without).