AgileByExample 2018

Kamil Tyburski

Postdata / wyGRAmy

User Experience Designer who fell in love at first sight with the agile culture and the design thinking method. Evangelizes, teaches and implements the best design practices. Restless spirit and creative mind who constantly sets new goals to accomplish in various areas. For many years he led design department in SayOh! Agency. He is passionate about yoga and Swedish cars.

Kamil will lead his dojo with Artur Zawadzki.

Workshop— Value Stream Mapping—a fresh look at your processes

What is the value of the work that you do for your customers?
How much waste is hidden in your processes?
Do you even know the flow of your processes?
Meet Value Stream Mapping. A method used in many organisations that strive to be leaner, faster and cheaper is an interesting tool for process examination and reengineering.
During the workshop you will map the main process in a fictional service company. You will identify the tasks that bring value to your customers and the ones that do not. You will identify various types of waste in the process and you will learn how to eliminate them. You will look at the process from the customer’s perspective and find out what they think about it.
After the workshop you will look at your processes, your organisation and your customers in a different way. We hope to inspire you to improve what you do regardless of your role in the company.

This workshop will be in Polish.


Design Thinking