Edyta Ryszkiewicz-Tum

DNA Technology

Edyta Ryszkiewicz—Tum has worked as a Scrum Master for 4 years, currently at Digital New Agency in Łódź, Poland. She used to be a Software Developer for 12 years.

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This is the way I like to introduce myself: “Hi, I’m Edyta and I like experimenting”.
I have worked as a Scrum Master for more than 4 years and before that, I was a developer for 12 years. A couple of months ago I decided to perform an experiment on myself and become a developer again. This exercise lasted for a month, and it was conducted in a rather safe environment (an organization that supported me, a well-known product).

And here are the key discoveries:
– Roles of Development Team members and Scrum Master require a different kind of attention. Switching between a different kind of work in this sense is not only about the topic, but also about the focus. And a different kind of focus requires adequate time management. For example, when I had only 20 minutes of free time, there was no point in starting to solve a software problem. On the other hand, in even less than 20 minutes you can have an efficient and meaningful Daily Scrum.
– Responsibility is different, but the stress level is unalike as well. For instance, there was a very creative product guy in this team who always had a bunch of ideas and who was able to create even more of them during discussion. As an SM I have tools to deal with the requirements’ chaos. I felt that this is different as a developer – as a person who will be doing the work I felt much more stressed with the amount of work that was there waiting for me.
– I entrenched myself in my Scrum Master’s duties and I realised that as a result, I created silos inside the team. I have started wondering if I should be the only person who worries about the requirements management mentioned above.

How did this experiment impact the way I work as a Scrum Master?
– It changed my way of thinking. It’s easier for me to understand other roles when I can feel their pain. So for me, it’s about empathy and comprehension.
– I’m trying to be more watchful when it comes to other people's calendars. I understand that for some of them a specific kind of focus is possible only on a particular part of the day.
– I perceive my team member’s roles differently. I feel the need to have “dirty hands” and take full responsibility for the product creation.
– On the other hand, I transfer Scrum Master default responsibilities to other team members even more willingly, to get rid of the silo.
– I am still discovering some new aspects of mine and other people's work. I hope it will stay that way.