Piotr Włodarczyk

Agile Rebels

Project Manager and Manager, re-educated in a long and painful process to become an Agile Coach with PSM III Certification. Wegan, a biker, still believes that the corporate software world is worth taking care of. Last 3 months he lived in a caravan with his wife and 2 kids. Empathetic, warm, caring while being aware of his values and transparency.

As a consultant, he works with management to help shape processes, organizational culture and manage business risk, as well as with Scrum Teams to help them improve efficiency and understand the business perspective. He has worked with many brands including mBank, PKO BP,, Agora, Gemius, DPD, Polcomtel, Stepstone,, and many others.

As a trainer, he feels best when working with Product Management topics and that’s why he’ll lead a workshop in this area.

Workshop—Specification by Example in practice

In my (and not only my) experience the most challenging in Software Development is not writing the code but understanding what the code is supposed to do. How to get a better understanding between Developers and Businesses (Product Owner included)? How to make it people-friendly and precise at the same time? How to decrease pages of written specification and increase understanding and collaboration at the same time?

This workshop is about practising the Specification by Example technique, so you could get back to your workspace and get it started with your Team right away.

To get most from the workshop you will need:
1. a feature from your current or past work that you're familiar with enough to get it specified together with a group during the workshop
2. a camera & mic
3. access to (from a web browser or app)
4. access to (from a web browser or app).

The workshop is best suited for all Team members - Product Owners, Scrum Masters and especially Developers (coders, analysts, testers etc.).